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Home Boarding

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Not every pet is suited to being put in to kennels, so we offer a handy alternative. We offer home boarding, this way your pet can stay in a home environment. We will stick as closely as possible to you and your pet's routines, making your time away from your pet as easy as possible for everyone. 
You and your dog come to the house for a free no obligation meeting,so we can see what it is you would like from this service and how we can help. 
We are fully insured and licensed while your pet is staying in our home, have a Canine first aid certificate, we are CRB checked and can provide testimonials from other clients that have used our services. 
To ensure that we are fully confident your pet is happy and settled while staying with us, even when left in the house alone, we have installed cameras in our home. With these cameras we can;

  • Have a live feed sent to our mobile, allowing us to check your dog is chilled and perfectly relaxed.
  • We are able to pan the cameras from our phone, zoom in and out and take pictures.
  • These cameras are motion censored, so we get automatic updates when there is movement.
  • We have alerts sent to us if the room gets too cold or too hot
  • It has night vision, meaning we can check your dog is perfectly settled downstairs when its bed time.
  • We can even talk to the dogs through the camera and play them music if we wish!
We cater to dogs that are both crated and not crated. We will NOT crate dogs that have not been properly trained to be in a crate and are not happy in one. *
Whilst staying with us, your dogs will join the dog walking groups and become a part of the family, along with our dog Ramzi. 

  •  Our prices start from £20 per night for one dog, £30 per night for two dogs from the same household. Price is dependent on your pet’s needs.
  •  We insist on a trial night, prior to booking to ensure your pet is happy and settled whilst staying with us.
  •  We only take in spayed bitches
  •  Your dog must be dog and people friendly and be able to be left in the house for short periods of time
  •  Your dog must be up to date with their vaccinations, Flea and worm treatments
  • Your dog must be fit and healthy 
  • A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings.  
  • Please get in touch for a quote and please ensure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.
* Your dog may be crated if they pose a threat to themselves, myself or the other dogs. EG if they become aggressive, or have injured themselves.